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Tell Your Partner These 8 Things While You're in the Honeymoon Phase

You know that phase when you first start dating someone and EVERYTHING about them is interesting and amazing? You know… that point early in the relationship where you love EVERYTHING about each other? Yes… the glorious honeymoon phase is what I’m talking about. I’m going to tell you what you really should tell your partner during this phase and it just may save your relationship later.

Curious? Keep reading.

It’s not enough to keep chasing the honeymoon phase of your relationship forever. Realistically, the passion will plateau, and you want to have a connection and understanding BEFORE things are less than roses and daisies. Gather this list of 8 things to tell your man when he’s so “in love” he’ll understand anything objectively.

You have weird habits/quirks.

Everybody has weird habits or quirks that they actively hide at first. Maybe you don’t necessarily want to put those things on display, but the honeymoon phase is probably the best time to reveal that you’re… a little weirder than usual. With luck, he’ll downplay the weird and be SUPER understanding because he’s still infatuated with you during this period. However, should your weird tendencies pop out after he’s fully accustomed to you, they’re bound to be received with less enthusiasm.

You won’t always want to be around his friends/family.

In the honeymoon phase, the novelty of his friends and family’s may lull you both into a false sense of a standing invitation. You know better than I do that having time alone is just as important as spending time together. Let his friend and family time be unique times (not always) that he has away from you. The time that you ACTUALLY spend together will become even more valuable with this in mind.

You will still love him when things seem mundane.

Reassuring him in the good times preemptively is a good move. It may reduce tension later when things aren’t going as smooth as the honeymoon phase or if things are just commonplace. He’ll know that the passion is still there later (even if it’s not jumping out at him).

The cheat code to making you happy instantly.

Tell him exactly what he can do to instantly put you in a good mood. He’ll need this when you’re blowing up, stressed out, extremely sad, or just emotional for any other reason. Help him out! He probably won’t see this side of you in the honeymoon phase and will be caught off guard when he does. Giving him the cheat code is like packing him a parachute so the two of you won’t crash and burn during an emotional event. You’ll thank yourself for this one.

Your favorite body type (only if you’re receptive to hearing his)

After the “in love” phase when you’ve both gained that infamous relationship weight, there may be some things said that can’t be taken back and some hints dropped that may be taken the wrong way. Get ahead of it. If you’re not opposed to hearing the body-type he prefers in a woman, open the conversation and put on your thick skin. If you tell him the body-type you prefer upfront, it won’t seem as callous when you’re dropping hints after you’re out of the honeymoon phase and he’s… well… out of shape.

Your deal breakers (…and ask his)

Enjoy the beginning of your relationship thoroughly, but make sure you have a deal-breaker conversation in there somewhere. Of course, you don’t want to kill the fun, but having those tough conversations up front can save you a lot of wasted time down the line.

How you picture the two of you in 5+ years.

The safest time to do this is in the honeymoon phase. Seeing a future with someone during this phase is totally normal and expressing your plans will be forthcoming (and maybe even telling on both sides). Find out what he’s thinking/planning for your future. You can always revisit down the line but knowing this in the honeymoon phase will create a good memory for the future.

Hidden insecurities

This conversation has the potential to be awkward because it will paint you in a light in which you have yet to be seen. The thought behind revealing this information is that he’ll take it in stride during the high point of your relationship. Revealing insecurities when things aren’t on an emotional high level can be risky. Thus, the perfect time is when you aren’t displaying them… yet. This gives you the leverage to “explain” where they come from, etc. You may just even work through them completely.

Now don’t go dropping bombs and killing the vibe during your honeymoon phase! You must be smooth and intentional with the information so that it’s received (…but doesn’t instantly launch you into the phase where you’re fully accustomed to each other’s antics). Got it?

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