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What are We Wearing to Toya and Red's Wedding?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Now, I usually refuse to publicly “go up” for a couple, but there’s something I love about Toya Wright and Robert “Red” Rushing (and it’s not just their adorable baby, Reign… love her). They just seem to FIT. Ya, know? That’s also probably why I’m celebrating their engagement like Toya is my big cousin.

I’m genuinely happy for the good sis.

I was originally introduced to her when her and Tiny stepped onto the scene with their own show. We had ALL the questions at first, but the two of them made us fall in love with their relatable personalities.

Since then, I’ve been supporting Toya’s moves (buying books, music, etc.) because I wanted her to win. We’ve watched her marriage and divorce play out on reality tv, and those of us that GENUINELY like her, knew she deserved better.

Then enters Red from stage left, and we’ve been clapping for them since Reign busted onto the scene. He seems genuine and has been MORE than patient! I’m happy for HIM too. (LOL) I wish them the absolute best! (…and Robert, don’t you dare make me eat these published words!)

To longevity and happiness!

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