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Don't marry. Collect Money and Travel.

So I came across this picture on Instagram and it spoke volumes to me.

"Don't marry. Collect money and travel."

Well alright then! My first thought is that some bitter chick that's tired of trying for her happily ever after posted it, but on second thought it appears that maybe our generation is feeling like this. I'm thinking the sentiments are split in half. There are some that still feel that marriage is the ultimate goal, but then there are others that think they're better living without attachments. I've had married friends and family members tell me "Enjoy your freedom" and complain about how annoying their spouse is and how they have to consider them in all decisions. I figure that shouldn't be too far from how you're supposed to operate in a monogamist relationship (which is why I'm always confused by the complaints), but I guess not. On the flip side of this, l've watched single people live lonely miserable lives wreaking havoc on the people around them.

Let's weigh the options here. Collecting money and traveling sounds great, but will it eventually get tiring or lonely? I would imagine that you won't spend all your time traveling and the time in between may require multiple distractions to be fulfilling. (I guess that's the collect money part.) As long as you are collecting/making money in a way that you enjoy, this option seems to be workable. I can definitely see the restless personality types embracing this view and thriving.

On the flip side of this is the person that "collects" at a lower frequency/quantity hindering their ability to freely travel and enjoy the freedom of not having attachments. Thus, the statement to a person like that comes off as "Don't marry. Be rich and live lavish." It seems that the other option to marriage is unattainable. Thus you're just stuck at the "don't marry" stage. *sigh* Modified version... "Don't marry. Increase your credit score and make it."

After much thought, I found that the statement was too black and white. In this case, we definitely need a gray area. While it sounds good to make this determinate statement, is it really feasible (not to mention, it sounds highly dismissive to realizing love)? I've done the honor of modifying the statement for all possible parties.

"Don't marry now. Increase your credit score, make it, and then travel." Does that work for everyone?

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