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It's true. EVERYBODY comes with baggage, but how much is too much?

I'm honestly a patient and mostly objective person (which helps me to be understanding of a person's baggage). However, I have to set limitations to the amount and intensity. Like... are we talking carry-on or are we talking multiple checked bags? (no... seriously) I think I can handle a carry-on and a checked bag worth of baggage. What does that mean? If you have some residual effects from a previous relationship like doubt, fear, and/or manageable insecurities-- I'm willing to work with you on that. The key word here is WITH. That means you have to acknowledge and be willing to unpack/ let me help you unpack the baggage. I'm even willing to take on one heavy hitter thing (checked bag) like a "babymama" who's alive and conscious and relentless. The same deal stands with that situation. You have to make the proper acknowledgments first and then we can work together to make our life workable.

I'm reasonable, but understand that I won't subject myself to being a bellhop. I'll love you enough to help you unpack, but I have to draw the line somewhere. Too much baggage for me will get you left in baggage claim. I don't want it.

So to my readers, I pose the questions: What are your thoughts? How much is too much? Do you run at the sign of baggage or do you assess the situation? Sound off in the comments below!

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