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7 Unconventional Places to Meet Mr. Right

I recently had a conversation with one of my followers about the lack of available men in her area. Her issue is a common one among women everywhere. I started offering her new techniques and figured I'd share with the group.

When it seems that the dating pool in your location is dry, you may just have to get creative to get "discovered". Think outside the box and start going where you haven't been or engaging with people at locations where you typically don't. Here's my list of 7 unconventional places you may just strike gold.

1. The library*

The chances of meeting an intellectual may be a little higher here (if he's not only going there to use the internet). You'll need to case the place thoroughly and see who the regulars are and if they're interesting. You'd also probably need to have some level of interest in literature or something "library related" to keep you motivated enough to visit frequently.

2. The museum/ Art Gallery*

This one is another one I'd consider favorable in the chances of meeting an intellectual. You also may meet a man that is detail oriented at these places. Walk around (checking your surroundings) and starting asking questions when someone looks inviting. Don't start fake conversation for the sake of saying something. That will almost certainly backfire.

3. City/County league sports*

Every city or county has some type of adult league of flag football or intramural something or another (you get the point, right?). Get physical! (wink, wink) If you're an active person, it may serve a few purposes and lead you to happily ever after. If you aren't necessary physical, catch a game or two and check out the scene.

4. Townhall meetings*

Okay, so maybe this isn't the most interesting choice of places to meet people, but you're sure to meet someone who's concerned and involved in the community. You're bound to learn new things about your community and politics.

5. Church*

So this one is interesting because I've heard that religion is one of the factors that play a role in many divorces. If you meet in the same religion/church, no one has to convert and that minimizes the chances of that potential strain creeping into the relationship. If church or religion are an important part of your life, you need someone who embraces your spirituality and will support it.

6. Conventions

Doctor's conventions, lawyer conventions, comic-cons, and even car shows (the convention center kind) will be lumped into this one. If you want a business man that matches your profession/education, hanging out in the lounges/restaraunts/bars of the hotels hosting such conventions isn't a bad idea. The same is true for finding someone with similar interest (comics and cars). See where I'm going with this?

7. On a Plane

Close quarters with no one to talk to, makes you at least get a little convo in with those immediately around you. Striking up conversation on a plane could lead to a connection. (Note: There's no room for your breath to be anything less than fresh in this situation... always keep mints or gum!)

*Note: The point is to work these things into your routine a bit. I'm not so sure you'll strike gold visiting any of these places once. This is also why you must be interested in the location.

Try these and see if anything NEW develops. I'm looking to hear success stories in a few months!

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