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Have Dating Apps Gone too Far?

On this new dating scene, more and more people are turning to apps and websites for unconventional ways of meeting people. Because of this, the apps and websites are forced to compete and come up with more innovative ways to become the preference of the masses. The other night I was watching TV and a commercial for a popular dating app came on. (I won't be specific so it doesn't come off as me denouncing their innovative addition.)

I'm assuming that the service was going for a super innovative addition to outshine the competition when they introduced their new feature.

The commercial explained how the company added a new feature that uses your phone location to tell you how often you cross paths with romantic matches during the day. *record scratch* What?! They explained it like it would be good leverage to know that you hang around the same spots as your potential mate, but all I could think about is how it's an ID Channel fatal attraction show waiting to happen! I have so many questions. Will it tell you exactly with whom you're crossing paths? (I'm sure it will because that's the point, right?) Couldn't a stalker-type person use the app to learn someone's daily patterns? Who came up with this idea at the company and did everybody else just think it was an awesome idea? Desperate times call for desperate measures but this type of thing removes fate and chemistry propelling you into "situations" that may be awkward/dangerous.

It doesn't help that I'm old fashioned and skeptical about the character of strangers. (I'm pretty sure there's a psycho killer or cannibal lurking in everyone somewhere.) I always think of the worst case scenario and how things can be dangerous to prepare myself for the worst. This just seems like it could go incredibly wrong.

On the other hand, I guess the feature would be good for determining just how convenient it would be to date a person based on location, but I'm just not sold. The thought of some creepy admirer having the capability of GPS tracking me, is enough to make my skin crawl.

Am I too uptight or would you cancel your subscription to this dating service if this feature was mandatory?

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