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What Type of Cheater are you Dealing With?

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

We all know and maybe have experienced a cheater at some point in our lives, but did you know that there are different types of cheaters? Yep, there are different types. Some are smoother than others and some just crave a messy situation. Either way, this doesn't change the fact that they all deserve a loud and conclusive dismissal, but it's good to be able to identify the different characteristics of cheaters. I'm going to outline the 5 common types below.

Opportunistic: This person cheats because hey… the opportunity presented itself. This is someone that can’t resist temptation in the least and will most likely cheat with someone from work or another place that is common to them. They don’t go outside the box or actively search for candidates. They just cheat with whatever/whomever is presented to the them. It’s hard for these individuals to turn down someone’s advance unless the person is just not their type. Their cheater motto would be “keep it simple, stupid”.

Extravagant: This person goes above and being to keep all parties involved spoiled. This cheater buys expensive gifts for everyone they’re dealing with and has no problem funding expensive getaways for either party. Cheating for this person is a status symbol. They cheat because they can “afford” to cheat and the level of guilt is minimal because they are spending so much to spoil everyone involved. Their cheater motto would be “it ain’t tricking if you got it”.

Note: People tend to tolerate this cheater longer and more often because they are actually getting "compensated" for their betrayal.

Insecure: They cheat because they need attention and affection from multiple people to prove to themselves they’re “worthy”. Most of the time, this individual isn’t attractive and will cheat to feel like they are desirable (to more than one person). They irony about this cheater is that they have a fear of being cheated on by their significant other. Their cheater motto would be “validate me constantly or I’ll find someone who will”.

Risky: The risk of being caught cheating turns this person on. The edgier the situation, the better for this cheater. This is someone that will cheat with their significant others’ family members and/or close friends. They also fail to protect themselves at all times and run the risk of contracting/passing STDs or having a child. The risky cheater is the by far the worst (if we’re ranking). They are more of a threat to your physical and mental health than the other types. Their cheater motto would be “recklessness is a turn on”.

Unaccountable: This person cheats because you made them do it. (Duh) Anything can be a trigger to cheat for this person because most likely they’re constantly looking for a reason. You had a fight. They need to cheat to clear their mind. You spend time with your friends. They need to cheat to be with someone who has time for them. (You get my drift, right?) According to them, cheating was never their own choice, it was a reaction to something their significant other did to slight them. Their cheater motto would be (you guess it) “you made me do it”.

Now you have your list of 5 cheater types, but I’m sure it’s not limited to ONLY the types mentioned. In fact, there could be hybrids of the above cheater types like the Unaccountable Insecure cheater or the Extravagant Opportunistic cheater. It’s absolutely a slippery slope for these types. Now you can identify and dodge these types like the plague. While you’re at it, have a fun laugh with friends because I’m sure you know/knew at least one of the culprits on this list. Happy sharing!

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