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7 Things You Can Do With Your Ex's Gifts After a Break-up

After a break-up, sometimes you just want to destroy everything that reminds you of your ex.

Understandable, but there are a few more lucrative ways to get rid of those memories that may earn you a few bucks for your trouble.

Hopefully, you’re not the type to hoard sentimental objects from people or situations that haven’t served you well. If you are, I’m unloading enough resources to sway you into moving past it. If you just can’t let go after this list, you may require a different type of post. Here are 7 things you can do with the gifts your ex gave you after a break-up.


You may not get money out of donating your old gifts from your ex, but you may get a tax write off if you donate them to Goodwill or Salvation Army. If you have shoes or clothes that you’re just over because they remind you of him, this is a good way to go. It moves the items rather quickly and you would be helping a person in need.


I’m going to confess and say at one point I may have been addicted to selling apps like Letgo and Offer Up. I was meeting people in the Walmart parking lot closest to me to sell goods at least once a week! I eventually got out of my addicted phase and started using the apps for small cleaning binges. These apps can land you much deserved payment for your time and effort. Just be sure to not get haggled to low below your asking/desired price. People are beasts on these app!


Not everybody is tech savvy and I get that. The alternative option to the selling apps would be yard sales and flea markets. You’ll still have to deal with haggling, but people tend to be less pushy in person. Also, it’s more of a chance that you’ll move the item quickly when it’s out and visible to people who already WANT to shop.


Maybe you don’t want to or can’t sell the items. If they are clothing, never fear… you can just repurpose them. Change those jeans into cut off shorts or “destroy” jeans. The point is to completely change the look so that the memories won’t be lurking around the piece.


About a year ago, I came across a site where you can specifically sell the things that your ex gave you. I thought it was a brilliant idea at the time (and still do). Check out for ways to sell (and maybe even buy). They’ve sold engagement rings and other big ticket items (so you may get something cool for a steal of a deal!) Btw, I’m not getting any kickbacks from mentioning them. I genuinely think it’s a dope idea.


So, usually I’m opposed to this and think it’s super rude, but rules change when it’s stuff from an ex. Regifting works in this case. If whatever he gave you is still new, go for it completely (if it’s nice). It’ll save you shopping time and effort. If it’s lightly used and someone’s shown interest, be nice and hand it over.


Some things like jewelry may be valuable enough to submit for an auction. In the event that you have a nice jewelry collection from an ex, you can try this method to flip it into cash. Try to find auctions that are free (or relatively low in cost).

If you looking for a clean/fresh start after a break-up, a gift cleanse may be therapeutic. Use these methods to find closure and earn a little bit of cash.

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