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Top 10 Scariest Reasons to Break-up

In the spirit of spooktacular scariness, I figured I’d give you a list of scary things to raise the hair on the back of your neck (or maybe just your blood pressure). There are so many reasons or factors that contribute to a break-up and they’re not always pretty. In fact, some of them are downright scary. With that being said, here’s my list of top 10 scariest reasons to break-up. (in no particular order)

He has a baby on the way.

This has GOT to be a woman’s worst nightmare. Not only was he cheating, but he was doing it with reckless abandon. He gave absolutely no effs about you in the process and now he has a baby on the way. This action will force the hand of the most forgiving woman simply because there is a human reminder of his betrayal. Typically, the break-up that is the result of a ‘cheat baby’ stands firm. There’s no coming back from that! I wouldn’t expect otherwise.

His wife/other girlfriend contacted you.

This one is a scary thing to think about as well. The dangers of someone (who may resent you) knowing who you are endless. This is a Lifetime movie waiting to happen if she’s not emotionally stable and/or thinks that you knew about her and was a willing participant in an affair. Either way, all bets are off after this one and it may be time to take security measures given her level of aggression.

His boyfriend contacted you.

This one is heavy, but it comes with everything that would come with another woman contacting you (only with more questions). The uncertainty if he was even into you as a woman would probably put the nail in the coffin as far as forgiveness goes. This break-up will most likely stand based on uncertainty alone.

He got physically aggressive with you.

It goes without saying that this is a scary thing and definitely grounds for a break-up. The unfortunate truth is that this isn’t an immediate deal breaker for some. Many women relive the horror because of a bigger fear of what will happen if they actually left. Others attempt to leave and go back to their abusers. This is one time the break-up needs to stand, but it’s not easy without outside support. If you or someone you know needs support, visit this site for resources.

He mistreated your child.

This can be a scary break-up trigger (especially if it’s HIS child also). Tolerating someone who isn’t the child’s father is craziness to me, but some will do it. The first time you notice your guy mistreating your child, get out of there fast! A relationship isn’t worth your child’s mental or physical health!

He went to prison.

While there may be a lot of “prison bae” fantasies floating around out there, the actuality of the situation is something less than ideal. Depending on his sentence, it could be unrealistic to maintain the relationship. Dating a man with a 10-year sentence or more would be unfair to you! This definitely qualifies as a reason to break-up (especially if you weren’t supporting the reason he went to prison).

He was stealing money from you.

This is a no-brainer reason to break-up with him and/or break his legs (only kidding). The trust was broken completely when he decided to take from you secretly. The fact that he was scheming against you while dating you is super SCARY (like ‘sleeping-with-the-enemy’ scary).

He was sending risky texts/DMs.

You catch him sending sexually explicit messages and/or showing off his package. Some will cut ties for this reason and keep it moving. Others have been known to stay in the relationship if no physical cheating occurred. If you’re a believer that once he mentally cheats, the physical follows… this is another scary break-up reason.

He was spotted out with another woman.

This is scary because of his boldness. How is he bold enough to take another woman out on a date while dating you? There are several issues with this starting with an absolute lack of respect for you. That’s disturbing and… scary. There’s no need to search for a reason NOT to pull the plug on the relationship here. It’s done.

He disrespected your parents.

Now, wait a minute! Who thought they would last past disrespecting someone’s parents or family? The scary part about this is the fact hat some will do this and expect you to choose them over your family/parents. These are grounds for a clean break-up should you decide it’s necessary.

While the list wasn’t horror movie scary, the reasons are ALL causes for concern. There’s no room in a relationship for ANY of these things! Thus it’s perfectly fine to call it quits for any of these 10 reasons. Cut ties at your discretion! 😊

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