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7 Easy Ways to get rid of Pre-Date Anxiety

So, you made it past the awkward introductions (whether it was in the DMs or in person). Congratulations! That’s already an achievement. Now, you’ve had time to possibly forget how the guy looks (is it just me?), question your judgment, AND/OR question why he’s into you. If you’re like most women (including myself) anxiety is setting in. You’re not sure what to expect or if this date is even going to be worth your time. At this point, you’ve GOT to find a way to calm your pre-date anxiety! Here are 7 ways to do just that.


Music has always been therapeutic for me. I can use it to set my mood and/or calm my nerves. When you’re trying to shake the pre-date jitters, put on music that puts you in a positive or dancing mood. Be sure to scratch break-up and depressing songs off your pre-date playlist. You want to create positive date energy.


Have a talk with your partner prior to the date and tell him you’re nervous. Sometimes you’ll find that he’s just as nervous and it will be comforting to know that you both feel the same. (Guys really aren’t as bold as they pretend to be.)


Another way I relieve anxiety is cracking jokes and/or laughing. Listen to or watch something funny prior to your date. Believe it or not… laughing relieves stress. Get a good hearty laugh! The last thing you want to do is go into your date uptight or tense.


Dancing or any type of low-impact physical movement is good. Bust a move before leaving for your date or maybe even do a couple of yoga poses. Just don’t do TOO much after showering. We don’t want you going on your date sweaty and winded.

Ego Boost

Chat with someone who typically validates you (or gives your ego a boost). I have a friend that can boost my self-esteem (even on the worst days). By the time I’m done talking to her, I feel like I’m the cutest and most fearless person ever. If you have someone like this, have a chat with them before going on your date. Let them remind you of just how awesome you really are.


For me, there’s nothing more refreshing that a good nap when I’m starting to get anxious. Give yourself time to nap before your date. If you’re not awake, you have less time to dream up horrible worst-case scenarios for your date (see what I did there?).


You know better than anybody else what relaxes you. Go to your special place or eat that special treat. Do whatever it is that you do (that may not be common) to calm yourself. As long as your method isn’t self-destructive, you have my support!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy to get rid of anxiety, but pre-date anxiety can be managed and overcome before it affects your date. Use these methods and any other method you can think of to loosen up before going out on date. If you have a date approaching… let me know how it goes!

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