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You’re Welcoming Drama by Sleeping with These 5 People!

The title grabbed your attention because you’re sleeping with someone on this list… I just know it! (…or you just couldn’t take the curiosity) It’s fine, no judgment here. Maybe you’re just reading “for a friend”. *cough cough* I’m just here to make a case for why you (or your friend) should stop jumping bones with the person you thought of when you saw the title. This person has the power to complicate everything for you (or maybe some major part of your life). So, without further ado, I’m serving you an informal cease and desist if you are sleeping with any of these 5 people casually.

Your professor/class instructor

This has got to be the most cliché “college erotica” novel scenario ever! Let’s just say it pans out in the books and such because they don’t have to explore REAL backstory. There’s steamy sex and maybe even a fling that’s never thought of again. That’s not how it works in the real world. First, if the sex is good… you have to function in class and listen to them talk/teach (while possibly reliving your romp). If it was bad, you now have to sit there resenting him for wasting your precious “mileage” and time. Also, it’s not always guaranteed to improve you grade (if that’s what you were shooting for). Some of these professors are well aware of the assumption and will get what they want leaving you expecting a grade change for your “hard work”. Don’t do it!

Your religious leader

As jacked up as the scenario sounds, I’m not some twisted person fabricating taboo sex couplings (at least not this time). It happens… often. Don’t fall victim to smooth talking leaders who eventually want to use you for their own sexual gain. If you do (and get caught), you alone will be the bad guy because his devoted followers won’t completely believe you didn’t use your worldly wiles to seduce him. Thinking you won’t get caught? You will. People literally LOOK for religious leaders’ flaws/faults as a hobby. Your little secret will be exposed eventually an you will most likely be left to deal with the blowback alone. The number one rule for them is the distance themselves from the allegation (ie. you) immediately. Save yourself the trouble and the scarlet letter (the nerd in me couldn’t resist).

Your boss/direct reports

It’s all fun and games until you’re not getting the raise and/or special treatment you think you’ve earned by sleeping with “the man”. Finessed sis… that’s what you’ve been. What if you’re not the ONLY coworker climbing the corporate ladder in a g-string? Now you have a messy competition AND situation that’s bound to travel around the workplace. Now, if you’re the boss in this situation, not only is it personally messy, but it can get human resources messy with policy violations and terminations lurking at every turn. Leave your work fantasies in your head.

Your child’s teacher

C’mon mom, ewwwww! Um… “mixing solutions” with your child’s science teacher is NOT the way to go. Besides it being insanely awkward for your child, it could be awkward for the teacher when he interacts with your child afterward. I know what you’re thinking… “we just won’t tell my child”. They’ll know. Kids are super smart about all the wrong things and will know instantly. Save it. Save everyone the embarrassment and find someone else (that isn’t also on this list).

Your personal trainer

I know we all want to burn a little extra calories to make them proud, but not like that. This can be crazy awkward if things go left. Don’t do it especially if he’s a decent trainer! In the event that things don’t pan out, you’re down a good trainer and no one to burn extra calories with. It’s a total loss. Besides, do you really think you’re the ONLY client this has happened with? Absolutely not! Dodge it like the plague.

If you’ve made it to the end of this post without feeling any pangs of guilt, congratulations! Maybe you’re here to shadily share this post with a friend who needs to read it. (Go for it!) Or maybe you just support me and/or find me humorous. Either way, thanks for reading and don’t be afraid to drop a comment!

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