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8 Independent Relationship Resolutions

It’s that time of year again where everybody has “resolutions” they just KNOW they will follow in the new year and people they just KNOW they won’t associate with in the new year. Okay… cool. I’ve learned to stay away from blanket statements and to just be better than I was the year before. When coming up with resolutions, the number one thing to remember is to not make it dependent on anyone except YOU. Any resolution you make should solely be for and about YOU, so here’s my list of relationship resolutions that don’t require you to have a man. (They’ll all still make you a better partner.)

Remember who you are

*in my Moana voice* Seriously, don’t get lost trying to be the person you think people will like or accept. Be authentically you and the people that are SUPPOSED to connect with you will find you faster. If you’re out here playing a chameleon, no one will ever really SEE you.

Value how you feel over how you WANT to feel

Place value on how people, places, and things make you feel in the moment. Sometimes we distract ourselves with how we want something or someone to make us feel. This hinders the ability to navigate our immediate feelings and shift to better situations. When we focus on how we WANT to feel, we fail to acknowledge that there is something we need to transition away from to get to that feeling. ONLY celebrate those people and things that make you feel good in the present.

Be the person you want to date

There is no reason why we should require someone to be a person that WE aren’t even capable of being. If you aren’t capable of being the person that you want to date, you must re-evaluate your criteria. Are your standards unreasonable or through the roof? Now is the time to assess and adjust.

Prioritize your list of WANTS

There are several things we all want, but sometimes we want things totally out of order. Wanting things out of order will likely result in those things not coming to us at all (or being extremely delayed). Arrange your desires in the most logical order and expect them to arrive in that manner. Organized thoughts are good for manifesting your dreams.

Treat yourself how you would want your partner to treat you

Set the standard for how you’d like to be courted by courting yourself. Don’t talk down on yourself or be overly critical. You wouldn’t allow anyone else to treat you this way, so what gives? Encourage yourself and do/say uplifting things. You’ll start to attract other people that will treat you like you treat yourself.

Find your own interests

Don’t just follow someone else’s interest and try to make them your own. Follow the path less traveled and get your own hobbies/interest. Take time to enjoy yourself alone occasionally. This is an important survival skill. Who knows? Your interest may turn into something financially lucrative!

Set career goals and map out the necessary relationships to meet them

You know where you want to go with your career and if you’re not getting there, it pulls on your level of peace. Write out a plan to get to your final career destination. Make sure to list possible professional connections in the plan. Don’t be afraid to network at work and in career field events. Trust me. It’s really all in WHO you know.

Build stronger connections with your consistent friends/family

This is my favorite resolution. Instead of threatening to cut off the people in your life that are flaking and/or fake, focus on the people that are getting it right. Stay close to this group so that you’ll attract more people like them.

While you may not be required to have a man to complete these resolutions, practicing them will make you a better partner, if you’re looking for love (or if you already have it). Focus on being a better you, and your positive vibes will attract the people that are supposed to be in your life.

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