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How to Break a Soul Tie

Alright. I’ll try not to make this a weirdo energy vibe post, BUT I’ll have my moments and you’ll still love me for them. With that being said, we’ve all (or maybe it’s just me) had an unfortunate situation in which we’ve found ourselves with an unwanted soul tie. What’s a soul tie? It’s what happens when you stay in a relationship with someone for a while or when you allow yourself to physically connect deeply with a person. It’s the conjoining of the soul indefinitely. You just couldn't shake the person if you tried! You still find ways to revisit them either physically or mentally. Don’t get me wrong. Soul ties can be beautiful when they’re between two people that have a mutual love/respect for one another. However, they can be a bit tricky between randoms and jilted lovers. If this is the case with you, you’ll want to know how to break the tie so you can connect with the right person. Here’s how.

Acknowledge that the tie exists.

Don’t be in denial. We’ve all let our guards down for the wrong person at some point. That could have been the exact point in which the soul tie was formed. If you can’t seem to get over this one person or if you’re continuously lusting after the person and there’s no reciprocity OR relationship on the horizon, that soul tie exists and MUST go! Soul ties will make you crave a person you KNOW you don’t need to occupy your space or time.

Stop communication with the other party.

Nothing is more effective than “starving the tie”. If you’re not around the person for the bond to get stronger AND you avoid talking to them, that tie will start to weaken. Cut off ALL access. This means don’t text, call, video call, or contact the person on ANY level. The connection MUST be starved. Note: If you do this for a while and then eventually give in, the tie will probably get stronger.

Figure out the origin of the tie.

What exactly was it that caused your soul to latch with theirs? Usually the answer is sex, but I don’t think that’s necessarily an exclusive answer. You can form a soul tie with someone by bonding over drug use or just connecting with them during a dark point in your life. Creating any form of dependency on a person can result in an unwanted soul tie. However, sex accelerates and strengthens that connection.

Avoid reminiscing on the origin of the tie.

This goes hand in hand with stopping the communication. If you stop the communication, but continue to dwell on the thing that ties you to the person, the tie will never be broken. Don’t reminisce on the sex or act that tied your souls in the first place. That will only feed the connection (even if you’ve cut off communication). Your brain is powerful! Don’t give that connection any more life with your thoughts.

Redirect your connection.

Reconnect to soul nourishment. For me, that means connecting to God more than I dwell/focus on the person or the connection. As I submerge myself into building a better connection with God, those negative connections I’ve formed start to break. My focus is taken off the connection that doesn’t benefit me and is placed on nurturing one that is whole and beneficial to my life.

Become more self-aware.

Most of the time, we form these connections without even knowing that we’re doing it. We hang around a person absorbing their energy and connecting with things they may say or do with which we resonate. We may find ourselves saying randomly, “we connect on so many levels”. This is your subconscious mind warning you that yes… you are connecting. Just make sure it’s a good connection or you’re bound to be stuck on someone who doesn’t necessarily mean you any good.

Feed your mind positive thoughts about your future connections.

You will NOT be tied to the man that broke your heart for the rest of your life. All of your connections won’t be the same or have the same outcome. Start there. One bad soul tie won’t ruin you, so think positive. Don’t let it lead to similar soul ties because you think those are the only type of connections you’re capable of. You deserve a good soul tie that FEEDS your soul instead of drains it. Go after that, but manifest it in your mind first!

Use these tips to break the soul tie that you may currently have, but be proactive about avoiding negative soul ties in the future. They’re easy to make, but can be extremely hard to break.

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