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5 Phrases That Make Men Leave Your Dating Profile Instantly

Everybody’s not amazing at getting out there and meeting new people. Some career-driven people are actually pretty terrible at it. As a result of that, a lot of singles have resorted to online dating as a way of meeting their potential spouse (or maybe someone to have fun with temporarily). Either way, if you’ve created a dating profile, the goal is to peak someone’s interest. The last thing you want to do is put a word or phrase that screams red flag to the person viewing your profile. Let me help you with that, sis! Here are 5 phrases that make men leave your dating profile instantly.

Single mom of [3+] children

Don’t get me wrong. That is an amazing accomplishment, but to a man looking to seriously date, that may scream “limited availability”. He’ll immediately assume there won’t be many chances for spontaneous dates (or sometimes planned dates). That basically tells your profile visitors you will require extra patience when planning dates and visits.

Political Taglines

Nobody wants to see the tagline of your favorite political party or anything similar. When men see this, there’s fear that you may be a political radical and that your life may just revolve around all things politics. Who wants to talk politics all day? This may especially make him run in the other direction if your tagline opposes his party’s. Opposites may attract, but that doesn’t mean constant opposition isn’t annoying at best.

Negative demands

When your header/tagline has something like “don’t ask for more pics” or “disrespect will get you blocked”, I understand where you’re coming from, but it just starts off completely on the wrong foot. These types of disclaimers scream negative or bad attitude. The guys you WANT to approach you, probably won’t and the very guys you DON’T want will ignore the warnings and try anyway. (They have no shame and they don’t fear rejection.)

Negative generalizations

I’ve seen a tagline that read, “men are dogs, but I need a pet anyway…” A man with pride will NOT see that tagline and feel compelled to date the woman on the other side of the profile. Yes, it’s an attention getter, but that’s the wrong type of attention. You’re bound to be harassed more often than not with a header like that. Or worse… end up with a prideless leech.

Aspiring model/ housewife/ sugarbaby etc.

This translates to “goal digger” in pretty much every language. Sounds like the goal is to be a trophy wife to a man with money (and not to find real love). Men aren’t exactly blind to the intent here. If he’s a regular guy with a regular job, he’ll exit your profile at the speed of light. Only someone looking for a “trophy” will stick around.

A good rule of thumb for your profile is asking yourself the question, “Would I walk up and say this to anybody immediately?” If it would come off too strong with you saying it in person, don’t lead with it on your dating profile. Try to avoid aggressive/rude statements on your dating profile. This is your only shot to sell yourself in that arena. Make it count.

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