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Holibae Season

It never fails. As the holiday season approaches, you see some people scrounging to secure a "bae" or in this case... holibae. It can be a little lonely attending holiday parties and family events without some arm candy. For those that care about what others think, it can be stressful to say the least! Whatever the motive, here are 5 reasons why I'm not judging you.

1. The holidays can be SUPER lonely without a companion.

The few times I got stuck at school for the holidays because of having to work (thanks Victoria's Secret), I was dead inside. All my friends and classmates were at home having the time of their lives and I was just sitting in my apartment anticipating going to work. Lame. The holidays (for most) are about togetherness with people you love. A holibae just adds to the warm fuzzy feeling that the togetherness brings and gives you a 1 on 1 connection. I'm sure my holidays I spent stuck at school would have been a little more cozy with the companionship of a holibae. *wink wink*

2. The holibae's presence will at least give off the illusion that you're on the path to settling down to those persistent moms and aunts.

So maybe the relationship is too fresh to tell where it's going, but at least holibae is keeping auntie and mommy somewhat satisfied and somewhat out of your business. Perception is reality, right? Typically, I don't introduce anyone to my family quickly, but I've seen the holibae situation work out for a few people. Disclaimer: this only buys you more time. You will have to deal with those "whatever happen to so and so..." questions later if it doesn't pan out. You have to pick your poison on this one.

3. You have someone to shop/get creative for.

I'm a giver and I've caught myself shopping for a fictional significant other a few times. (One of those... "if I had a man, I would HAVE to get him this" type deals.) So, I get it. Having a holibae helps you scratch that itch and feel like you're doing something exclusively special for a person. Finding ways to present the gift or do/give something creative is also fun for me. I get joy out of the reaction to the "reveal".

4. It's always fun to introduce your significant other to your holiday traditions.

I love to expose new people to my family's singing ability. When we're gathered around for the the holidays, it's a tradition to just break out in song. People tend to be surprised/impressed with the accuracy of the harmonies. I also love introducing my significant other to my family's home cooking. *mouth watering* There's sweet potato pie and Japanese fruit pie to die for AND the punch will definitely make you want to figure out how to get adopted into the family. (Sorry, my inner fat girl got sidetracked.)

5. It may blossom into a more permanent situation.

So you get a holibae and expect the relationship to dwindle after Jan 2, but SURPRISE... the relationship starts picking up momentum. Maybe they're sticking around to keep eating your family's cooking or maybe your gift blew them out of the water. Whatever the case, progress is good. I'm all for securing something stable (no matter the initial reason for the relationship).

No matter your initial reasoning for securing a holibae, it may just be understandable. It also may land you into a full blown relationship (and that's not a bad thing). Whatever the case, enjoy your holidays with companionship. Just make sure you're both on the same page when you step into this situation.

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