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Losing Hope in Love

When I posted this picture on Instagram, it had already spoken to me, but it seemed to strike a nerve with a few of my followers. The overall message was meant to be encouraging to those who just got over a bad break-up with a person that was clearly all wrong for them. The issue, however, is the time between the "mistake of your life" and the "love of your life".

I think it's safe to say that it's not immediately after a horrible breakup, someone comes to heal the pain and make you forget about all the bad. Most times, we have to wait. It's my theory that in those waiting periods, we are supposed to use that time to work on ourselves. I've said this in another post, but I'll say it again. We have to become the person that we want to be with so that we can attract that. As we better ourselves and increase our confidence, we'll start to attract people in general and eventually the love of our lives.

Allowing past circumstances to make us bitter only lowers our chances of being appealing to the person and situations we need. Even when it's hard, we have to stay hopeful and pull as much positive energy as possible. Of course, this is always easier said than done, but fighting the urge to lose hope is a part of the test.

Another thing to think about is, repeating the same mistakes. In the event that the "mistakes" seem to be chasing you and the "love of your life" is apparently missing in action, it's time to reflect. What are you allowing in the relationships that went wrong? Some people tolerate high levels of disrespect early in relationships for the sake of being in one. Usually we don't know that we're doing it. If you're not allowing something, what are you doing to help create the perfect storm for the mistake of your life? Determining this isn't always easy, but something has to be the common denominator. The next step is working to eliminate that.

Don't allow the mistake of your life to leave you bitter and hopeless. That shouldn't be your last experience. Everyone deserves to have the love of their life and it's my belief that it will happen for everyone at the right time. Just remember, it's not always YOUR timing.

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