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Is your "checklist" getting you crossed off of Cupid's "To Do" List?

Finish the sentence. My potential mate has to have _______. Everybody has something to fill in that blank, but I've found SEVERAL people that have long lists of things their partner has to have, do, or be able to provide. It's easy to say what someone has to be able to do for you, but you have to think about what you bring to the table as well. Will they be equally satisfied with you as their mate? I'll give examples of common list items with responses to the demands below. 1. Own house (Do you have your own or the ability to get it?) 2. Own car (Do you have your own?) 3. Good credit (How's yours?) 4. Sense of style (You better not be frumpy making this demand 😁) 5. Good sex (Won't argue this, but you have to match 😉) 6. Nice body (Is your body sucked and tucked in all the right places too?) 7. Nice hair (Please tell me your hair is just as presentable as you prefer others'.) 8. Good hygiene (Won't argue this at all) 9. No kids (I understand the preference, but your selection pool diminishes tremendously with this one) 10. Good relationship with parents (I understand not wanting to deal with the mommy/daddy issues.) I've seen these list items get super ridiculous. I vaguely remember Chili's (from TLC) list, but what I remember most was that it wasn't necessarily setting standards, but it seemed to be blocking her "love receptors". I've heard some outlandish requests from people AREN'T Grammy Award winners. These requirements include: They can't have a certain thumb type (Yes, this is real... Thumbs matter to someone I know). Their gums have to be a certain shade of pink (another wild, but real one). Can you stand up to the criteria you're levying out? If not, this is your first problem. You attract what you are. (Reference my previous post where I touch on this topic here.) When you crank out criteria lists as such, it's no secret that what you want is a tall order. The truth is, it may not exist because you're essentially trying to "build-a-bae" (build-a-beau ... for the more traditional). People who are in love and married always say it wasn't the person they were looking for or that their soulmate didn't appear to be their type initially. There's something to that. Try pairing down your list of demands and being more flexible. When you stop looking for a unicorn, you may get rewarded with a centaur that you absolutely love. (<<--That's probably the nerdiest thing I've said yet. 🙈There's more where that came from 🤓).

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