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8 Reasons You Should Take Him out of the Friendzone

Face it... The likelihood that you've probably curved your future husband is at least at 50%. This also means the odds of you getting married is now at around 75%. (I gave the extra 25% in the event that you realize it before he's over it). With those loosely fabricated statistics out of the way, let's get down to business. There are so many marriage stories where people meet their significant others and they are nowhere close to being the package that they imagined. Some were going for tall, dark, and handsome and ended up getting short, light, and eccentric BUT they loved him. Typically we tend to "friendzone" the men that come into our lives packaged different from what we've daydreamed about. Here are 8 ways to tell if just maybe you should take him out of the friendzone and take a chance on love.

1. Is he in the friendzone unwillingly?

This is obviously a first step because some of the guys in the friendzone are happy there and don't want to be anything more than just your friend. Has he given an indication that he would like to be more than friends? Nothing's worse than seeming like you think too highly of yourself only to be shot down. Imagine approaching your "friendzoned" guy like, "I finally realized I want to give you a chance" and his response is "well this is awkward because I never wanted one". Now you have to repair your slaughtered ego AND find a new friend. Let's avoid that.

2. Is he the first person (or guy friend) you call when you're excited, super upset, or have a new idea?

Chemistry doesn't lie. If his chemistry is pulling you toward him in times of heightened emotions (good or bad)... maybe there's something there. The other part to this is if he's emotionally available during these times. How resolved do you feel after talking to him? He may just be the calm to your "storm".

3. Does he genuinely enjoy your friends/family?

What's more awesome than a man that has good chemistry with the people you love? This definitely would make being in the relationship a little easier than usual because you would have the important stakeholders' blessing to be with this man. This is also symbolic of him loving extensions of you easily. With that, you can trust that he's probably not just lusting for something physical with you.

4. Does he support your dreams?

Is he interested in your goals and aspirations and does he push you toward them? The last thing you need is to add a negative or doubtful person to your life. You need someone that can hear you out, get excited with you, and/or help you improved your path toward your personal goals.

5. Does he make you feel secure?

Some guys will just naturally make you feel like you are amazing when all you're doing is breathing. They'll verbally admire you for just being you and absolutely mean every word of it. Everybody needs a person that makes them feel like just being themselves is something extraordinary.

6. Are you comfortable telling him your secrets (and will he keep them)?

Another pillar in great relationships is feeling like you can tell your partner anything. If your guy in the friendzone knows your secrets and doesn't hold any of them against you or use them as leverage, you may have a keeper.

7. Are you physically attracted to him?

Be careful of this one and make sure it's paired with at least 3 others before doing a friendzone retrieval. Lusting for a friend can happen and it can ruin a great friendship if taken to the point of no return. Make sure the feelings are genuine before considering. We don't want to create "situationships" while exploring the friendzone.

8. Can you see yourself with him long-term?

We'd never want to take someone out of the friendzone for something temporary. This is not one of those "let just see what happens after a couple of months" type things. Can you see yourself growing old with this man and/or starting a family? If not, leave him where he is and don't ruin what you currently have.

Now, this isn't the end all, be all list of criteria to retrieve a man from your friendzone, but it's a good basis to judge if you should consider it. Chances are the guy that you've been thinking about the entire time you've been reading this needs to be retrieved and given a chance. He may be the one!

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