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8 Things You Should Do as a Single Woman

Everybody has their own idea of what single women SHOULD be doing in 2018. Most of it includes finding ways to get a good man, getting married, and having babies.

That’s not everybody’s dream.

Some single women are more career driven and are in search of financial stability as opposed to Mr. Right. I can respect both sides, but I’ve put together a list of 8 things you should be doing as a single woman that doesn’t include trying to get married and start a family.


I know this is probably a buzz phrase right now, but I promise it’s super necessary. Self-care can range from pampering yourself with a massage periodically to just taking personal time to read or do something relaxing. As a single woman, you deserve it! Life is stressful and there’s a lot of pressure on single women from society. You deserve to treat yourself to something relaxing.


I make sure I take time to get closer to God. When I pray, it calms me and helps me make the right decisions. Without it, I’d constantly be anxious (and probably impulsive). That’s what finding my spiritual identity looks like, but it’s different for everybody. This could mean focusing on removing negative energies from your space (something else I’ve been doing) or meditating.


Some may look at this as the cliché thing to do as a single woman, but there’s no better time to excel (in leaps and bounds) within your career! You don’t have a family that may potentially make opportunities difficult, so move around if you must in order to excel! Now is the time to do most of your maneuvering.


Uggghhhh. If you’re like me, being a “made” career woman also means a little trail of student loan debt (okay, I’m fronting… it’s not so little)! It has been my mission to pay off my student loan debt because a.) I hate being indebted to ANYONE and b.) I just don’t want any man to look at me like a liability because of it. It offends me to be in debt (even IF I have the bragging rights of saying I have a master’s degree). This has been my mission and slight obsession. (I even designed a mug about it! …see here)


This and the previous point go hand in hand. As you pay off your debt, your credit will improve. The better your credit, the more self-sufficient you become. As a single woman, the best thing you can be is self-sufficient! There’s less of a chance of a self-sufficient woman settling for less than she deserves when she DOES get into a relationship.


Let’s just keep this financial responsibility train rolling. Once you get some things paid down and your credit starts to improve, it’s time to research investments. For some women, this may mean purchasing your own house (boss move). For others, it may mean buying stocks and investing in new business ventures. You deserve to start building your wealth before you start building a family. This is a part of “Operation: Secure your own future before getting the ring”.


This is just as important while you’re single as it is when you get into a relationship. Now is your time to see the world and experience new cultures. You'll never know how THIS may impact your romantic life! So many people have actually discovered new romantic preferences by merely traveling. Some have also broadened their horizons regarding their potential partners because of traveling.


This will give you something to care about besides work and finances. It will also give you a chance to meet new people while helping others. I typically volunteer for my church or work on laying the foundations for my future non-profit. This can look different for everybody. Just find something you’re passionate about and devote a little time to it.

There are plenty of things to focus on as a single woman that DON’T include finding a man or having babies. These are ways to enrich your life and make the most out of it. Set goals and capitalize on everything life has to offer! Just be sure to live your best life (single or not).

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