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5 Habits of a Successful Single Woman

Repeat after me. Being single is NOT a death sentence or a measure of desirability.

I know several people that enjoy the single life and are FULFILLED. We focus on getting into relationships so much that we don’t appreciate the time we could be using to discover and/or improve ourselves. It’s very possible to be single AND successful AND happy. Here are 5 habits of a successful single woman.


We shouldn’t only exercise so that we can look good for someone else. We should do it for our own health. Successful single women are taking care of themselves physically. Exercise is a way to invest in your future (without the money). While single women may be making other investments into their future, this one is super important because it impacts your health. Exercise now and your older self will thank you later!


It may be tempting as a single woman to indulge in whatever and whenever because we aren’t responsible for anyone but ourselves. This is NOT the way to go! Plan where you’re going to spend your money and when you’re going to spend it. Although we may not have to split money with anyone else, we should be focused on being financially responsible, paying down debt, and/or avoiding new debt. Budgeting helps with ALL of this and it helps you increase your “badass level” significantly.


Some people flourish by freestyling at life while most don’t. Plan your week on Sunday. Include meals, appointments and set a few goals for the week. The more planning you do, the smoother your life will be. When things run smoothly, there’s less stress and more opportunity to excel at work and in personal business ventures. The lack of planning is the enemy of success.


This goes beyond the career. A successful single woman networks for personal reasons as well. Most of the time, it’s who you know and not WHAT you know. If you are well connected, buying homes, making investments, and starting businesses are soooo much easier! Top your success off by building an amazing network of acquaintances and friends.

While we’re on friends, I must say it’s good to be intentional about who occupies the most of your time. Associate yourself with people who are on the level on which you’d like to be (or are striving to get there with you). Part of networking should be about building and maintaining friendships that challenge you to grow.


You can’t enjoy success if you’re unhealthy. Maintain your preventative health screenings yearly (annual physicals, pap smears, dental cleanings, etc.) If you notice anything abnormal, seek professional help promptly (not WebMD or Google). Some conditions can be eliminated or successfully maintained if detected early.

Another health maintenance facet is healthy eating. Eat as healthy as possible and make responsible choices when it comes to what and how often you eat.

Every single woman isn’t miserably looking for her next relationship and successful single women have mastered the 5 beneficial habits listed. Work on each habit for a month until it all becomes second nature. Live your best single life because... why not?

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