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6 Reasons Why You Should Want Your Man to be Observant NOT Detail-Oriented

It’s such a romantic thought to have a man that knows EVERYTHING about you. On the surface, it seems like it would be a dream come true, but let me just tell you: you really just want a guy that’s observant. While it may seem cute to have a boyfriend that remembers every detail of your schedule and can tell you exactly what you wore on your first date 2 years ago, it’s not the way to go, sis. Heed my words and let me give you 6 reasons why you should just be happy with him being observant and not detail-oriented.


If you think you’re winning an argument with a detail-oriented man, think again, sis. He knows the exact chain of events that got you both into the argument AND he has receipts (some form of evidence) to present during the argument. His attention to detail WILL be a thorn in your side in EVERY argument, so maybe just avoid arguments completely. This is the trade-off when you desire a man that’s detail-oriented.

Your prep time

Because he pays attention to every detail, he knows when your hair, make-up, or clothes aren’t at their best (and most likely will let you know). What does this mean for you? Extra time prepping and primping (that’s if you care about his opinion). This doesn’t mean you’re changing yourself to be with him or that he’s some superficial tyrant controlling your look. It just means, he will absolutely notice when you’re off and if you care… you’ll have to stay sharp at all times. That’s just tiring! (Give me the guy that may not even notice I’m missing an earring and I’ll be cool.)

His expectations

Well… those that are detail oriented typically expect the same out of others. Did you notice his new hair cut or remember the thing he told you once years ago? While he may be understanding your attention to detail may not match his exactly, he will definitely expects you to step it up and notice more than you typically do. This may not be a bad thing if you can match him. It’s merely a challenge to notice more about him, what he says, and what he does. After all, it’s only fair because that’s what you want from him, right?

His overthinking

Detail-oriented people think about EVERYTHING! He may question things that you said and meant nothing by or those things that are minuscule in the grand scheme of things. You won’t always be the subject of his overthinking, but you will have to deal with it. In some cases, this could be endearing when it comes to him considering your safety. In other cases, it may get to be a LOT.

Lost Spontaneity

People that are detailed-oriented are super planners. They have to consider everything before making plans and when they make plans, there’s an itinerary. This can get to be cumbersome for you as a girlfriend. Sometimes you may just want to be spontaneous and go somewhere. Some of the best date nights are unplanned! If you’re naturally a spontaneous person, Mr. Details may get a little annoying at times.

Vacations can be militant

This piggybacks on the previous point (and is one of my pet peeves). Do NOT set a rigid itinerary for me on vacation! This sucks the joy and relaxation out of a vacation, but detail-oriented people will naturally try to plan the trip down to the minute. For some people, this could be a good thing. For me… not so much. Let’s plan the big things and feel out the rest.

Alright. I get it. Maybe you want him to have a level of attention to detail, but too much detail can be a pain for you! Appreciate and strive for a man who is simply observant. He will notice the important things and not overdo it on the minute details.

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