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Lira Galore Calls out black men... (Debate)

Apparently when Rick Ross's ex fiance, Lira Galore, sat down with Iyanla Vanzant on "Fix My Life", she had some things on her mind. Now I won't pretend that I watched the episode (because I didn't), but I stumbled across the statement heard around the world (okay, maybe just Twitter).

"Black men don't value black women"

Well, that's a mouthful and it leaves a rather bleak forecast for black women that are looking forward to marrying a "Nubian prince". Because of that, Twitter wasn't having it. There were so many sides to this debate presented that I was thoroughly entertained. Who knew people would respond so strongly to this statement?

Most people erred on the side of Lira being bitter about Ross cheating on her with someone of another race (not sure how factual that is). Others said she has a point. With multiple black athletes/entertainers having a preference for women of other races and being vocal about it, black women's relationship value seems to be less than other races'. Then there were the black men that were extremely offended by the statement and wanted to set the record straight. How could a man not value the very being that created his existence? Impossible, they said. As I stated before, the frenzy was good entertainment, but what's your take on her statement? Sound off in the comments section!

(Sorry, I recently had to replace the comments with a new platform and lost all of the prior comments.)

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