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The Social Media Facelift You Need to Attract Mr. Right

We need to talk. (Don't you just hate that phrase?) No, but seriously we do. If you're ready to get on the dating scene and have been using social media profiles/dating sites to make possible connections, pay close attention. Your profile can either get you a great catch or a terrible experience. We're leaning towards a great catch, right? Here are a few things to tweak if you plan to try making a love connection via social media.

Profile Picture

Do you have one of those cleavage shots that are guaranteed to catch a man's eye? Maybe you don't have the cleavage picture, but you've mastered the art of "butt posing" and that's your profile shot. Or... if the first two poses don't apply, you've nailed the "come hither" face. Nobody's judging (but they're definitely assuming). If your purpose is to attract someone and enter a committed relationship, these aren't the profile pictures you want. I know, I know... sex sells. These profile pictures are bound to get you loads of attention and advances. However, if it's more than sex that you want, don't "sell it" on first contact/impression. Lead with a "boring" straight forward picture that is suggestive of your personality and not your sexuality.


Let's face it, everybody's had a good "status rant" at least once. Maybe you needed to alert the world that you stubbed your toe or got pulled over by a jerk cop. It's a bad look when you have too many rants (especially if they are about your ex/child's father). That screams "drama" to potential suitors. Also, if you have several pictures featuring your ex, it may be a good idea to dial those ALL the way back. No one wants to have the visual of their potential mate with their ex several times over. If you appear to be obsessed with your ex or just bitter from a bad break-up, the "Mr. Right type" will be turned off. Delete the rants/pictures and find your happy place. Your ex isn't the focus anymore. Your future is.


Ambiguous relationship statuses can have a negative impact on outreach from serious suitors. Oddly enough, ambiguous statuses seem to attract sketchy characters. When you select statuses like "it's complicated" or make ambiguous preferences, it appears that you don't know what you want or some previous relationship may not be resolved. To an opportunist, this is inviting because they aren't really looking to establish anything concrete with you anyway. They'll reach out to "hook up" or for something temporary.

Shares/ reposts/ retweets

What you share from another profile/page is a reflection of you. This means that whatever is said in the post can be interpreted as your words. At a base level, it reveals what you find amusing. Do these paint a mature and attractive picture of you? If not, purge them from your profile.

I know I sound like a stick in the mud, but it's the small details that can get you overlooked or misjudged before you can even speak. These are things to think about when creating or maintaining your profiles. I'm not saying change who you are, but display your best self. Think of it as an interview of sorts. Don't overshare, but give them just what they need to know up front. Make them want to know more about who you are. Happy editing!

*Not sure where to start? Contact me here for a profile review!

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