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What I learned from Rob and Chyna...

So, I watched Rob and Chyna tonight and it really made me realize something very important about relationships. Before you start to judge me, hear me out.

It may seem like common sense to say that if you are damaged, you won't be functional in a relationship, but it's deeper than that. When you have deep-set self image issues that go untreated, you take it into your relationship and deflect it onto your partner. Rob is dealing with serious self-image issues because he wants to look a certain way. That's totally understandable. However, these issues start to snowball into relationship insecurities from his side. He's suspicious of Chyna, puts her through the ringer, and she starts to experience his self-image issues and insecurities first hand. She then lashes out at him for having these issues. Then something crazy happens... The once balance and secure Chyna starts having self-image issues. Here's where my theory comes in.

Self-image issues are contagious in relationships.

If you go into a relationship with these issues, they will eventually imprint on your partner if they are unsuccessful in helping you to overcome them. Once both partners are affected, they have to step away and fix themselves before the relationship starts to crash and burn. Another thing to be said about this is, self-image issues aren't readily apparent in everybody. Sometimes the person does a good job of hiding them. The key is being honest with ourselves and dealing with the issues before adding someone else to our madness. I'm definitely going to go take a hard look at myself now.

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